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Simultaneous and Consecutive Translation

ABP Conf Simultaneous and Consecutive TranslationThe success of an event depends on clear and precise communication at conferences, seminars and international encounters.

Through a sound system and earphones, interpreters translate the speakers´ lecture to an audience that  will listen to the  information in its own language.
One of the great advantages of  simultaneous translation  is that a single lecture can be translated, through the right type of equipment and number of booths, to the diverse languages spoken by the audience at large.

ABP is committed to your company, offering interpreters who will  convey the lecturer´s messages with fidelity, in the desired language.

At all types of events, be they Medical Conferences, Financial, Information Technology, Engineering, Marketing or others, the professional interpreters study the topic  of discussion beforehand to guarantee an excellent translation and delivery.
Our interpreters have broad professional experience and a high cultural level, fundamental requirements to perform good work.

The flexibility to adapt to different environments and  working modalities is  another essential characteristic that will ensure the success of our client´s events.
We also offer portable sound equipment for simultaneous translation in small groups, with up to 30 participants.